Arza Somekh Coen, living and working in Bologna, Italy, was born in Jerusalem, Israel.

At the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, she graduated in Biology ( and in Science Education ( Her research subject was Concept Mapping.

Until 1990 she worked at the Science Teaching Center of the Hebrew University in writing and, especially, illustrating books and magazines for school’s science education.

At the Department of Science Education of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, she worked as a cognitive researcher in the Agam Project, a research project focused on a pre-school curriculum designed by the artist Yaacov Agam to teach visual literacy.

In 1990 moved to live in Italy. The new environment led her to encounter a different artistic culture and this significant change in life pushed her toward searching for visual expression of Jewish concepts.

The beginning of this search focused on the examination of forms and structures adapted to represent concepts related to Jewish precepts. The first artistic experiments were made in the years 1994-5.

Works of the years 2008- 2010 are mainly paintings of books and scrolls as means of transmission and storing knowledge.

The works of 2011 – 2012 are mainly interactive paintings in which the spectator can make changes.

She started to present her works in solo and group exhibitions from 2003.

Most of her works are paintings in acrylic on canvas, the interactive works, are made of wood, canvas and acrylic colors.


  1. February 2003; I learned from all my teachers Galleria L’ Ariete, Bologna, Italy.
  2. November 2003; A very little light Galleria “Principe Amedeo”, Mantova, Italy.
  3. April 2006; Dialectics in consciousness, Jewish Museum, Bologna, Italy.
  4. October 2010 : L’albero della conoscenza Associazione “ L’atelier” San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna, Italy.
  5. June 2011: Analoghi e Contrari Arteggiando, Bologna ,Italy

Collective exhibitions

  1. May 2006: Enigma Emozionante, Artisti a rigor di logica, PARDES , Mirano, Italy.
  2. September 2006: Arte di sottobosco, PARDES,Mirano ,Italy.
  3. October 2007: Alfabeto Ebraico , Associazione Italia Israele , Torino, Italy. Including a catalogue.
  4. May 2009 : Zehut Jewish , Bologna, Italy.
  5. January 2010 : Arte per TZAHAL Associazione Italia Israele, Torino,Italy.